Issue:  Vol. 44 / No. 29 / 17 July 2014

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Online Extra: Wedding Bells Ring: Law denies same-sex couples 'fundamental right,' says judge

Appeals panel strikes down Oklahoma marriage ban; Florida judge rules in marriage case. (read more)

Online extra: Obama signs executive order protectiong LGBT federal workers

In a brief ceremony in the East Room of the White House, with a scattering of "Amens" from the 300 or so LGBT advocates gathered... (read more)

Online Extra: Political Notes: Gay HIV-positive Obama health official resigns

Gay federal health official based in San Francisco resigns for Los Angeles job. CA governor appoints lesbian to lead state housing agency. (read more)

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Gay Google exec
battles SF tenants

A gay Google executive who's been working to evict people from the San Francisco apartment building he bought is facing a lawsuit from tenants over mold and other problems. (read more)

Cure setback: HIV found
in 'Mississippi baby'

A Mississippi child who had undetectable HIV for more than two years off antiretroviral treatment has been found to still be infected, tempering optimism about a functional cure, researchers recently announced. (read more)

WHO recommends
PrEP for gay men

Gay and bisexual men who are at risk for HIV infection should consider using antiretroviral drugs for pre-exposure prophylaxis, better known as PrEP, according to new guidelines from the World Health Organization. (read more)

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Music - Cheyenne Jackson goes to the movies

Within the past year or so, San Francisco has become Cheyenne Jackson's home away from home. (read more)

Music - Rufus Wainwright, the wizard of awes

Rufus Wainwright has long been one of the most open and out recording artists, surely benefiting from the groundwork laid by queer forebears such as Elton John, George Michael and Neil Tennant. (read more)

Out There -
Foodie fool for love

Out There typically dines out six out of seven nights a week. (read more)

Theatre -
Performance revue

Once you take Forbidden Broadway away from an audience of rialto cognoscenti, you tread a fine line. (read more)

Out & About -
Why so serious?

What can be said about the ongoing bevy of talents? Despite our summer sun and delicious fog, several works take on serious themes. (read more)

Theatre - Eleanor Roosevelt's gal pal

Was it an "unusually belated schoolgirl crush," as one biographer insisted, or was it a full-throttle erotic lesbian affair? (read more)

Music - Bold & bolder

The theatre is a very expensive place to work in, or as composer Philip Glass put it, "Opera companies are always raising money because every time the curtain goes up they're losing money, even with Carmen . (read more)

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