Issue:  Vol. 45 / No. 21 / 21 May 2015

Connie, artist: John Cantwell's wild performance art at Oasis

While it's difficult to convey the sheer wildness of John Cantwell's performance art/drag act in Fade to Connie, I'll attempt it with excerpts from our hilarious phone interview. Cantwell's shows are paired with another part of this weekend's Los Angeles gay-vasion of nightclub Oasis. Together, they're two nights of wild and wonderful entertainment. (read more)

Storm Large:
sultry songstress is back in SF

"The day I left San Francisco was the day the Paradise Lounge shut down," recalls Storm Large, who, like the legendary 11th Street nightclub, was a mainstay of the Bay Area indy rock scene between 1991 and 2002. She swings back into town from Portland next week for a Thursday to Saturday night run at Feinstein's at the Nikko. (read more)

Glitz and glamour

Bay Area native Christopher Childers brings some old fashioned Las Vegas razzle dazzle to the Peninsula with his spectacular new variety show, Vegas Showgirl. (read more)

On the Town - Ribbons and remembrances

Donna Sachet covers the ribbon-cutting ceremonies at the new Strand Theatre, the IML Sendoff Party at The Lookout, a memorial for DJ James Torres, and other events. (read more)

On the Tab,
May 21-28, 2015

We're packed with fun nightlife events, and here's where you'll find the online bigger, longer, uncut version. Yum. (read more)

Head First -
Polyamore or less

When I arrived at the Victoria Theater for the San Francisco premiere of Marriage 2.0, a feature-length porno about polyamorous relationships, I didn't go in with high hopes. (read more)

Karrnal Knowledge - Divulge the Bulge

They used to sing it to me at The First Pentacostal Church: "Something's Got a Hold of Me." The new Bulge gets a grip on good erotica. (read more)

Shooting Stars - Bernal Beast @ Wild Side West

The Bernal Beast Party, held at Wild Side West on May 16, celebrated the Bernal Heights pet store's 20-year anniversary, with dogs and their humans having fun. (read more)

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