Issue:  Vol. 44 / No. 16 / 17 April 2014

Nightlife - Cast Party

Given the hallucinogen-hazed history of drag ensemble The Cockettes, and the second hit revival of Thrillpeddlers' Pearls Over Shanghai, which includes many scenes in an opium den, one might ask, 'Does the cast party?'

The answer is yes, of course, but nothing like the LSD-popping original Cockettes, whose 'not at all sober' local shows and a road trip to New York City are now the stuff of legend. (read more)

Cabaret - Peter Cincotti
Does It His Way

When Peter Cincotti was seventeen years old, he sat down at a piano to play one of the biggest gigs of his life. It was in his hometown of New York City and several reviewers were in the audience. But little did Peter know that just moments earlier a waiter had spilled an entire water pitcher into the baby grand, causing many of the keys not to function. By the end of the night he'd learned his way around the half dead instrument, still managing to wow his audience and hard-earn some rave reviews.

More than a decade after that gig, Peter Cincotti is still making it up as he goes along, creating music in the real time of his life. His songs fuse jazz, blues, pop, and sometimes a little rock and dance.

"I'm influenced by tons of people," Cincotti says, "but especially artists like Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, and Sting – artists whose sound changes over time, but they stay themselves – artists that no matter the genre, their sound is unique and unmistakably them." (read more)

Nightlife -
Never Being Boring

"What a nice way to spend at Tuesday night," said Neil Tennant in his first comment between songs at the Pet Shop Boys concert on April 8. (read more)

Sexuality - Doin' Time

Only a few months after it opened, South of Market's newest sex club may have to move, as gentrification swiftly turns the once-cruisy bar district into open season for even more pricey residential housing. (read more)

On the Tab -
April 17-24, 2014

Oh, look; saucy drag queens, sexy gogos, talented gay singers, funny lesbian comics, and yet another beer bust day at The Eagle; simple pleasures. (read more)

Leather Events -
Change Is The Norm

As I communicate with fellow leatherfolk, whether they be local or from elsewhere, I consistently hear comments about how the leather scene has changed. (read more)

Karrnal Knowledge -
The Boyfriends

Here's another goodie for Naked Sword from mr. Pam. It's Boyfriends 2, with a subtitle that promises, "Real Life Porn Star Couples." (read more)

Shooting Stars

A laugh riot took place at The Big Gay Comedy Show, held at the Marines' Memorial Theatre on Sunday, April 13. (read more)

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