Issue:  Vol. 44 / No. 51 / 18 December 2014

Tango Time: Lessons in the dance of romance

For a unique gift that carries a hint of romance, how about tango lessons? Abrazo Queer Tango's annual holiday dance party, held at Berkeley's Finnish Hall on December 20, welcomes beginners and experienced dancers alike. No matter what you or your partner's gender, there's a stylish move to learn.

Karen Lubish, who's been with the organization since 2012, said they've been meeting at the spacious Finnish Hall since 2008. She mentioned cofounders Ariel and Winter Held, whom, she said, "were really the innovators of Queer Tango in the Bay Area." (read more)

Mary; Christmas!: A history of LGBT holiday traditions

When you think of holidays associated with our community, you probably think of Halloween or perhaps Pride Day or the Folsom Street Fair. It's unlikely that Christmas is the first that springs to mind, but perhaps it should. Many bars like Aunt Charlie's and Twin Peaks have seasonal decorations and the tradition has even been handed down from Marlena's to Brass Tacks where Marlena's Santas reside for the holiday season. These traditions have roots which go as far back as the 1960s and even to the 1950s.

In 1955, their first year, the Mattachine Society offered a special Christmas issue of The Mattachine Review which was available to subscribers to the magazine but did not appear on newsstands. The attitude of the time shows through on the cover though, as along with the banner wishing the reader "Seasons Greetings" is an article entitled "Sex Offenders Work to Help Themselves." (read more)

Nightlife - Oy Vey! It's Chrismukah!

Nice Jewish girl Lisa Geduldig returns on Christmas Eve with a raucous set of Kosher comedy in a setting where the food is sure to be treyf (non-kosher). (read more)

Bartab - Al-men-ac

Tell time, soap up and display the sexy in calendars, coffee table books and soapy fun for whatever horizontal holiday you're planning with a secret Santa. (read more)

On the Town -
Seasonal songs

We can't thank enough all of you who attended our 22nd annual Songs of the Season at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel's Franciscan Room! (read more)

On the Tab, Dec. 18-25

Whether with friends and family, or fellow orphans over the holidays, be of good cheer, despite (non)catastrophic precipitation, judicial monstrosities or cataclysmic economic crunches. (read more)

Karrnal Knowledge - Guard-ons

Whata swell idea! Need a last minute gift? How about a homemade gift certificate good for a one-month membership to your friend's VOD site of choice? (read more)

Shooting Stars:
Help Is On the Way

The Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation's thirteenth annual Help Is On the Way for the Holidays concert included a stellar array of talent... (read more)

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