Issue:  Vol. 45 / No. 36 / 3 September 2015

Bartab - What's so funny?

No matter how many pussy jokes he told on stage during the early days of his stand-up comedy act, Sampson McCormick's fabricated material didn't make him any less gay. Black and closeted, the truth was he was living a lie. Beyond the typical down-low discretion for sexual encounters and rather than engaging in potentially painful dates with beards, he chose to cater to hetero-male humor in a very public way. (read more)

Sexuality -
Sounds of sober & sexy

Steamworks bathhouse rocks with a new event that addresses sexuality on the level of what it means to be a gay man among gay men. This means rocking with just your physicality, sensuality, and sexuality on nothing but natural testosterone. And few could provide the key musical element for the magic that takes you to the core of what it means to be a human animal other than DJ Robbie Martin. (read more)

Leather - Women Are Doing It For Themselves

One thing that's quite clear to anyone paying attention is that within the leather and kink LGBT realm, gay men get most of the attention. But I think it's important that the other segments of the scene get their fair share of attention, including in this column where I'd like to discuss kinky women. (read more)

On the Tab -
Nightlife Events

Prepare to be amazed. Wickedly funny comics, spintastic DJs, sensationally sexy gogos, daring drag shows, and ... okay, we admit it, a few over-the-top queens, but we're not naming names. At least they get out there and work... er, werk. (read more)

Shooting Stars:
Big Fat Dick @ Oasis

Those saucy sexy Los Angeles guys, led my impresario Mario Diaz, returned to Oasis for their second night of gogo-tastic debauchery. (read more)

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