Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 7 / 15 February 2018

Castro patrol group offers tips for dealing with Nazis, white supremacists

The volunteer group Castro Community on Patrol is offering tips for a weekend that is expected to draw Nazis, white supremacists, and other anti-LGBT activists to San Francisco.

The group Patriot Prayer is holding a rally in Crissy Field Saturday, August 26, and police and others are preparing for potential violence.

“There have been no credible threats for the Castro, but everyone should be on the lookout for vandalism or other actions meant to target businesses or landmarks in the neighborhood,” said CCOP chair Greg Carey in an email. “When in doubt, call 911 if there are any suspicious activities.”

Carey noted that some people are expected to confront the Patriot Prayer group at Crissy Field, while counter-demonstrations are planned for other parts of the city.

“If you choose to go to Crissy Field, remember that one of the intended purposes of these events is to capture video or still images of interaction with the counter-protesters to use for recruitment purposes,” said Carey. “Even if a person is acting in self-defense, it is possible that the video captured can be edited to make it look like the victim was the aggressor.”

Touching someone, even when provoked, or throwing things, including liquids, may be classified as assaults, said Carey, who also urges caution on using pepper spray.

“Remember that using pepper spray is a crime if not used in self-defense,” he said. “Using it first can result in criminal charges against you.”

City officials had urged the National Park Service not to permit Saturday’s rally, but it was announced Wednesday that the event would be allowed to happen.

In a statement, Mayor Ed Lee said, “The shameful, anti-American trend of hate-filled extremist rallies will unfortunately be allowed to continue this weekend in our city. … Let us show this nation that San Francisco is a city of peace and unity. Do not engage with the members of this group, whose only priority is to incite violence through divisive rhetoric.”

Lee and others are urging people to join gatherings planned for Civic Center Plaza Friday and Saturday at noon.


— Seth Hemmelgarn, August 23, 2017 @ 12:43 pm PST
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