Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 7 / 15 February 2018

Golden Dildeaux dish


Chris Swanson enjoys his Golden Dildeaux Award, received last Saturday night at the Eagle.
Photo: Scott Brogan
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It finally happened. After 13 years – count em, 13 – I finally won a Golden Dildeaux award – two, actually. Now I can retire all the Susan Lucci jokes, although I did enjoy not winning. I was able to play the sympathy card on random hot guys in the audience. Sometimes it even worked. But I guess 13 is a lucky number for me. And no, I did not sleep with anyone to win. Honest!

Seriously though, the Golden Gate Guards' annual Golden Dildeaux Awards were handed out last Saturday night at the Eagle. The awards poke fun at all those serious award shows, with categories such as "The Pitch Perfect" Award (the top of them all), "Wreck-It Ralph" (best power fisting top), and so on. With such a fun event and the chance to cheer on friends, the crowd was huge and in a very festive party mood. Best part of all is that all the money raised goes to the AIDS Emergency Fund. This year they raised $3,308, which, I believe, is a new record.

Michael Brandon lends his magic touch to Sadistic Saturdays, last Saturday night at the Eagle.
Photo: Scott Brogan

After the awards, Michael Brandon took over and hosted his monthly Sadistic Saturdays event. Michael is always a very affable host and one of the few people out there who can make any event a fun one. Plus he's pretty damn sexy. While the crowd at the Eagle was enjoying Brandon's event, another crowd was over at the Powerhouse supporting Mr. SF Leather Andy Cross' first time hosting the Black Saturday event. Cross is proving to be a very friendly and approachable representative for our community, always ready with that dazzling smile. He had a great sense of humor and outgoing nature. I predict he will wow everyone at International Mr. Leather next month and, dare I say it, bring the title back to SF.

ILSb/ICBB judges announced: Judges for the International LeatherSir/boy and International Community Bootblack contests have been announced. They are, for the Sir/boy contest: Sir Alan Penrod, Pup Nitro Hankinson, Master Mike Zuhl, Race Bannon, Hardy Haberman, Sir Thom Butts, Lawrence Burden and Michael Brandon; and for Community Bootblack: Queen Cougar, Brenton Kornegay, kd, Luna, Nick Elliott, and Master Jack Pearce. The contests are a part of the Labor Day weekend events this Aug. 29 through Sept. 2, in Dallas. If you've ever been to Dallas you know what a great city it is, and the hospitality is second to none. If you haven't been, you should go, you'll have a great time. Go to: for more info.

IMsL: Tonight International Ms. Leather weekend begins! Be sure to head on over to the Holiday Inn Golden Gateway (1500 Van Ness) and join in the fun. There's so much more than the contest on Saturday night, including separate play spaces for men and women, speakers and seminars, and so much more. Check it all out at:

More sad news: I am saddened beyond words by the recent death of Jonathan Klein. An icon of the Castro and our community at large, Jonathan and his business partner Peter Greene opened their "Now, Voyager" in 1984. It was an early trailblazer in the then-new world of gay travel. Going to "Now, Voyager" and meeting with Jonathan was always the first step in everyone's travel plans. My husband and I met Jonathan when we planned our first gay cruise. From then on, we always went to him with all of our travel needs. We also became friends, traveling together and socializing here at home. Just last Fall, he helped me plan the surprise trip to Hawaii for my husband s 50th birthday. And he kept it a secret!

Jonathan lived the San Francisco life that so many young gay men and women dream of. It's a dream that is, I fear, fading. He moved to the city in the late 70s, opened his openly gay-owned and -operated travel agency, and became a fixture of the Castro. Everyone liked and/or loved Jonathan. So much so that even in this day of the quick-and-easy travel websites, most of us still preferred to given Jonathan a call or stroll into the agency. That extra personal touch made all the difference. Rest in peace, Jonathan. We will always love you, we'll never forget you, and you will live in our hearts forever. Remember: "Don t let's ask for the moon, we have the stars."


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