Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 8 / 22 February 2018

Pound for pound

Karrnal Knowledge

Adam Killian and Zeb Atlas in a screen grab from The Boyfriend. (Photo: Zeb Atlas Productions)
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Now it's time to discuss the sex to be seen in the Zeb Atlas showcase The Boyfriend. During the movie's 93 minutes, Zeb makes it with three handpicked partners: Skye Woods, Adam Killian, and Casey (nee Christopher) Daniels. Each one is the near-epitome of his type – one huge bodybuilder, one wild and handsome hottie, and one boyish blonde power bottom.

After a brief titillation of Zeb in the shower, and the curious, unnecessary tour of his home, Zeb greets a longtime favorite of mine, humungous muscle bottom Skye Woods. Is he the biggest of the big? Either of his thighs could crowd the redwoods out of Muir Woods, and merely one of his buttocks could forever end canned-food drives. When in doggie position for the fuckings he so loves, the view from the rear resembles nothing so much as a hippopotamus after a good course of dermabrasion. And his muscle isn't that striated, aching type of the steroidally overbuilt; it's just good solid bulk. The guy's got a playful personality, and a surprisingly large cock that disproves the bodybuilder stereotype that they're all Princess Tiny Meat. As does Zeb's. When a cock looks big hangin' on a guy Zeb's size, you better believe it – it's Big. 

Skye Woods and Zeb Atlas in a screen grab from The Boyfriend. (Photo: Zeb Atlas Productions)

The guys go pound-for-pound poolside, where Zeb suckles Skye's nips, and Skye kneads sunblock onto Zeb's breasts (each one of them a couple pounds of mammary). You know I love to see a guy walkin' around preceded by his boner, and that's how the guys get indoors for the Major Event – Skye settles his bulk on Zeb's bone and bounces, as thoughtful Zeb jacks Skye's joint. Skye's so turned on he has to stay Zeb's hand. And though it's swell how masterfully Skye indulges our fantasies of making love to Zeb, many place greater importance on Zeb's reciprocation. Which arrives, unfortunately without preamble, as Zeb inhales Skye's cock so well the big guy cums. After which, more fucking brings on Zeb's orgasm. 

And then comes the scene in which the predatory Adam Killian crawls all over Zeb when they're nestled into the crevasses of craggy rocks in some Southern California outback. Both men are master kissers, and theirs is some awesome osculation. Adam rips open Zeb's button fly, exposing the cotton-clad boner beneath. He licks and laps it, loves it, and sets it free. He wraps his lascivious lips around Zeb's so-plump cockhead, then lavishes his tongue round Zeb's rosebud. And then Zeb does unto Adam what was done to him, following up with a forceful fuck and a particularly well-observed and raucous RC, during which Adam gives out breathless testimony to the huge size of the cock within him.

In an interview published last week at the Men of Porn website, Casey Daniels relates that his scene with Zeb was his porn debut. He's a dancer and escort in Las Vegas, where Zeb was filming The Boyfriend in the fall of 2010. When a performer didn't show, Zeb found Daniel's profile at Rentboy, called him up, and asked if he wanted to be in a porn. "I figured it was now or never," Daniels explained, "so I said sure, and was filming porn two hours later."

He's hardly been idle since, having made in 18 months some 20 feature films as well as countless Web scenes. He shows such zeal for Zeb in his Boyfriend debut that you'd never guess this was his first time out. Zeb asks for a kiss at the top of the scene, and gets the whole kaboodle. Daniels slides onto Zeb's pole til it's buried deep in his ass, and proceeds to kiss Zeb passionately during his impalement.

Likable background music is mostly jettisoned for the performers' actual sex-sounds; the number of drop-outs announces sloppy post-production. And though the action as described could have been entirely fulfilling, it's unfortunately marred by both execrable, hyperventilated editing, and videography from the schools of Wobbly, Palsied, and Loop-de-Loo. May Biblical curses rain down upon its unnamed perpetrator. Was there a rationale for this, or was it as irrational as it looks?

So though I relished The Boyfriend (its COLE rating – that's Count of Loads Engendered – was way above the norm), I'm eagerly awaiting Zeb's appearance in the more professional product I expect from Raging Stallion.

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