Issue:  Vol. 47 / No. 3 / 19 January 2017

Fine Arts - There's more to Cary Leibowitz than just Candyass

Cary Leibowitz was a precocious kid. Growing up middle-class, Jewish and gay in suburban Connecticut in the 1960s, the New York-based artist penned essays in the first grade declaring his admiration for Frank Lloyd Wright, and had a subscription to Architectural Digest by the time he was 10. At 13, his dreams of grandeur took the form of what he calls "total gay-boy art,"... (read more)

Theatre - Thrillpeddlers in peril!

As 1950s horror movies liked to conclude, "The End – or is it?" so it is with Thrillpeddlers. The 26-year-old troupe that has shed buckets of stage blood is losing its home known as the Hypnodrome. A handshake deal that guaranteed use of a former venetian blind showroom at token rent for two years stretched into 13 years as potential buyers for the building came and went. (read more)

Film - Sundance stories

The 2017 edition of the Sundance Film Festival, playing Park City, Utah from Jan. 19-29, sets out to define... (read more)

Out There - Who's afraid of Samuel Beckett?

Bill Irwin knows that we are blessed to live in a world that was graced by the great Irish poet, dramatist and novelist Samuel Beckett. (read more)

Out & About - Not normal

From idealistic visions to political nightmares, art reflects reality, which is this week a bit scary. (read more)

Theatre - Marital secrets

If misery loves company so much, why doesn't it just marry it? Well, sometimes it does, but the spouses may not realize at first that this is their bond. (read more)

Music - Mahler cantata given deluxe treatment

Gustav Mahler and Michael Tilson Thomas go way back. (read more)

Film - Banking on Banksy

In April 2010 the renowned street artist Banksy visited San Francisco and painted a handful of paintings on nondescript walls around town. (read more)

Film - Scary perspectives at the Castro Theatre

Eddie Muller's annual Noir City film festival plays the Castro Theatre Jan. 20-29. The genre's dark worldview seems especially appropriate now. (read more)

Television - Beneath their wings

Beaches (1988) is a fondly remembered film starring Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey. (read more)

Film - Goofs & spoofs

There's an old expression, "Earn your attitude," that the creators of Smile Again, Jenny Lee, a churlish soap opera... (read more)

Books - Spiritual & gender transitions

Before Christine Jorgensen, Candy Darling, or Kate Bornstein, there was Michael Dillon, a transgender pioneer and one of the first cases of a woman transitioning to a man. (read more)

Music - LGBT artists put sounds in your ears

It's hard to imagine the spectrum of music without the contributions of LGBT artists, so don't even try. (read more)

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