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Guest Opinion: A trans man's quest for happiness

Guest Opinion: A trans man's quest for happiness

By Ryan K. Sallans

Is there a point in a transition where one reaches pure happiness?

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By Charlie Spiegel | January 8, 2020

I grew up with my father's World War II stories of fighting on what I later learned was one of the important island battles across the Pacific: Guadalcanal.

By Scott Wiener | December 30, 2019

Millions of Californians demonstrated incredible fortitude and resolve this past fall when, in order to minimize its own wildfire liability risk — caused by decades of negligence and mismanagement — PG&E turned off the power for millions.

By Pau Crego and Clair Farley | December 23, 2019

In 2016, gay then-Supervisor Scott Wiener led the charge to require improved data collection on our local LGBTQ+ communities to measure equity and inclusion in city services.

By Gavin Newsom | December 18, 2019

There's no state in America quite like California. In troubled times for the nation, California is where the American Dream is alive and well.

By Carolyn R. Wysinger | December 11, 2019

This year San Francisco Pride marches into its 50th year.

By Kenneth G. Hodder | December 4, 2019

I love my family. I'd do anything for them. So it breaks my heart to know that literally thousands of them are living on the street.

By Gray Gautereaux | November 26, 2019

During his 2019 State of the Union address President Donald Trump revealed his administration's new 10-year plan to "end the HIV epidemic in America" (https://www.hrsa.gov/ending-hiv-epidemic), with a goal of reducing diagnosis rates to less than 3,000 pe

By Amaya Wooding, Lynn Chan, and B. Chen | November 20, 2019

Thursday is the Great American Smokeout. Depending on which research you believe, as many as one in three trans people uses tobacco.

By Delia Danae Rawdon | November 13, 2019

I was singled out by TSA for being a transgender woman and I am not the only one.

By Jordan Davis | November 6, 2019

When I read the article about the city awarding $1.15 million in contracts to two reputable nonprofits over the next two years, I was overjoyed, especially since the recipients, St. James Infirmary and Larkin Street Youth Services, are well qualified.

By Marc Stein | October 30, 2019

Halloween has long been one of the queerest of holidays, but on October 31, 1969, San Francisco LGBT activists found new ways to confront their terrifying fears of media misrepresentations and police violence.

By Rafael Mandelman | October 23, 2019

Earlier this year, our community rejoiced with the opening of the Marcy Adelman and Jeanette Gurevitch Community at 95 Laguna.

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