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Jock Talk: Local pro, college teams plan LGBT events

Jock Talk: Local pro, college teams plan LGBT events

By Roger Brigham

Local pro and college sports teams announce various Pride- and diversity-themed events.

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By Roger Brigham | October 17, 2018

Rare are the star athletes who go on to post-playing stints that are just as brilliant as their first careers.

By Roger Brigham | October 3, 2018

Some health clubs and training facilities seem stuck in a primitive past — intimidating places with auras seemingly inhospitable for women, gays, transgender individuals, people of color, or the cast of "Modern Family."

By Roger Brigham | September 19, 2018

A class action lawsuit against organizers of the failed 2017 World Outgames in Miami has quietly been dropped, although the prospect for civil action down the road remains a possibility.

By Roger Brigham | September 12, 2018

Think we live in confusing times, when even the term "United States" suddenly seems oxymoronic?

By Roger Brigham | September 5, 2018

I've often told friends that the vast majority of criminal news about wayward elite male athletes involves abuse of women, abuse of drugs, and possession of guns.

By Roger Brigham | August 29, 2018

Paul Mart, one of the original Gay Games founders with Dr. Tom Waddell and Mark Brown, celebrated his 100th birthday with friends and family at a party in Palm Springs, where he currently resides in an assisted-living facility.

By Roger Brigham | August 29, 2018

Behind the optimism of the 2022 Gay Games in Hong Kong, there is also an undercurrent of caution, intensified by a few recent events.

By Roger Brigham | August 22, 2018

Gay Games historians speak of the event's ability to bring together a "critical mass" of international LGBT competitors in almost every sport to create the numbers and inspiration to form new championship tournaments and governing bodies.

By Roger Brigham | August 15, 2018

In the end, Paris proved to be exactly what the Gay Games needed.

By Roger Brigham | August 8, 2018

Here are some observations, reports, and comments from this scribe and wrestling coach who is in Paris for his fourth consecutive Gay Games.

By Roger Brigham | August 1, 2018

When 10,000-plus athletes and artists march into Stade Jean Bouin Saturday at 7:30 p.m. Paris time, it will be a triumph of persistence and stamina on every level.

By Roger Brigham | July 25, 2018

There are some things we know about the Gay Games before they occur every four years.

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