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Out in the Bay: 'Marijuana Minister' committed 'crimes of compassion'

Out in the Bay: 'Marijuana Minister' committed 'crimes of compassion'

By Eric Jansen

In the summer and fall of 1996, as AIDS ravaged San Francisco's gay community, Metropolitan Community Church-San Francisco pastor Jim Mitulski risked imprisonment, dispensing marijuana to alleviate his sick congregants' pain before it was legal to do so.

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By Kendra Klang and Eric Jansen | October 7, 2021

According to author and academic Kathryn Bond Stockton, "gender is queer for everyone." When she says "queer" she doesn't mean only in the LGBTQIA+ sense — she means the dictionary definition: strange.

By Eric Jansen | September 23, 2021

Out in the Bay proudly features a new queer podcast this week: "Stereotypes — Straight Talk from Queer Voices," produced and hosted by KALW and KQED colleague Christopher Beale, a former commercial radio personality.

By Eric Jansen | September 16, 2021

Lauren Hough grew up in the infamous, apocalyptic Christian free-love and -sex cult The Family, formerly The Children of God.

By Eric Jansen | September 9, 2021

The first-ever openly gay Supreme Court of California justice, Associate Justice Martin Jenkins, is not only the first openly LGBTQ justice on the high court, he's also only the third Black man ever to serve on it.

By Eric Jansen | September 2, 2021

In a tribute to the late Ambassador James C. Hormel, on this week's Out in the Bay podcast and broadcast we bring you his story — in his own words and voice.

By Eric Jansen | August 26, 2021

Pamela Sneed's prose and poetry can reach out and grab you. They did me.

By Eric Jansen | August 19, 2021

In his debut novel, Robert Jones Jr. describes the tragic romantic relationship between Samuel and Isaiah, two enslaved young men on a Mississippi cotton plantation in the early 1800s.

By Eric Jansen | August 12, 2021

What's the role of a gay uncle? "The Guncle" suggests possibilities, dishing out lots of laughs as a guncle, his niece and nephew deal with deep past and present grief.

By Eric Jansen | July 16, 2021

San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury was iconic in the late 1960s and early 1970s as the center of the anti-Vietnam War and sexual revolution counterculture.

By Kendra Klang and Eric Jansen | July 9, 2021

Quick — what's your sexuality? Most of us know roughly where we fall on the Kinsey scale that goes from zero (totally straight) to six (flaming queen or butchest of dykes). But have you considered another continuum, the asexual — allosexual one?

By Eric Jansen | July 2, 2021

It's important, especially for children and young adults, to see images like ourselves in the media.

By Eric Jansen | June 25, 2021

"We are here for the tough conversations," said Melorra Green, speaking for herself and her twin sister, Melonie Green.

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