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Political Notes: San Francisco and Cork, Ireland to fly twinned Progress flags for international LGBTQ day

Political Notes: San Francisco and Cork, Ireland to fly twinned Progress flags for international LGBTQ day

San Francisco and Cork, Ireland officials will raise twinned versions of the Progress pride flag at their city halls this Sunday, May 16, in observance of an international day that raises awareness about LGBTQ issues.

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By Matthew S. Bajko | May 12, 2021

A new queer and female co-owned coworking space has opened its doors in downtown San Francisco just as the city begins to reopen due to declining rates of COVID cases and deaths.

By Matthew S. Bajko | May 12, 2021

The reconstituted LGBTQI+ Advisory Committee for the San Francisco Human Rights Commission is beginning to take shape, with the oversight body set to recommend applicants for all but one of the 25 committee members at its May 13 meeting.

By Cynthia Laird | May 12, 2021

Preparations are underway for this year's 26th pink triangle installation, which will see it lighted at nighttime atop Twin Peaks for Pride Month in June.

By Heather Cassell | May 12, 2021

LGBTQ Ugandan activists are mobilizing against the Sexual Offenses Bill 2019 before Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni signs it into law.

By John Ferrannini | May 10, 2021

The Biden administration on Monday reversed a Trump-era decision to allow health care providers to discriminate against LGBTQ people.

By Matthew S. Bajko | May 10, 2021

Not only are more Bay Area cities than ever expected to raise the Pride flag this June, a number are eschewing the traditional version of the LGBTQ symbol for flags with more inclusive designs.

By Cynthia Laird | May 5, 2021

Our Family Coalition will celebrate its 25th anniversary with a virtual gala honoring its past and embracing its future.

By Heather Cassell | May 5, 2021

Lawmakers passing the country's same-sex marriage bill's first vote in parliament's lower chamber April 29 thrilled LGBTQ Czechs.

By Gwendolyn Ann Smith | May 5, 2021

For the moment, I want to speak to those readers who may not think of themselves as transgender.

By John Ferrannini | May 3, 2021

While President Joe Biden's campaign seemed to some like a throwback to a bygone era, his first 100 days in office have shown that he aspires to be a transformational leader — and can be, if he is pushed enough.

By Matthew S. Bajko | April 29, 2021

Surrounded by LGBTQ community leaders and several supervisors, Honey Mahogany Thursday kicked off her bid to become the first transgender and first Black chair of the San Francisco Democratic Party at the Tenderloin site of the Compton's Cafeteria riot.

By Heather Cassell | April 28, 2021

The Organization for Refuge, Asylum and Migration recently launched an in-depth research project to examine the conditions of LGBTQ asylum seekers and refugees at the Kakuma Refugee Camp in northern Kenya.

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