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State Treasurer Ma hit with sex harassment, racial discrimination suit

State Treasurer Ma hit with sex harassment, racial discrimination suit

California Treasurer Fiona Ma, a former San Francisco supervisor and assemblywoman, has been sued by a former employee alleging sexual harassment and discrimination.

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By John Ferrannini | July 16, 2021

Proponents of Proposition 8 have to file a brief by August 16 to show they have standing to appeal a district court decision to release tapes of the landmark Perry v. Schwarzenegger trial that led to the resumption of same-sex marriages in California.

By Lisa Keen | July 14, 2021

The U.S. Supreme Court session that just ended amounted to mostly a "tread water" experience for LGBTQ people — with several little victories and no spectacular losses.

By John Ferrannini | July 6, 2021

A San Francisco Superior Court judge found that one of the parties to a 2004 marriage between two lesbians that had been declared null and void by the state nonetheless qualifies as a "putative" spouse.

By Lisa Keen | July 2, 2021

On the last day of the 2020-21 session, the U.S. Supreme issued relief and worry for the LGBTQ community.

By Lisa Keen | July 1, 2021

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled July 1 that California's law requiring disclosure of major donors to tax-exempt organizations violates the First Amendment rights of association for donors.

By Lisa Keen | June 28, 2021

In a limited but important victory for transgender access, the U.S. Supreme Court announced June 28 that it would not review a lower court decision that favored a transgender student's restroom access at a public high school.

By Lisa Keen | June 23, 2021

In an 8-1 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled June 23 that a public high school violated a student's First Amendment right to free speech when it suspended the student for posting an angry post on social media after school and off campus.

By Lisa Keen | June 21, 2021

Some legal observers viewed the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision in Fulton v. City of Philadelphia as a "significant" victory for LGBTQs while others saw it as another sign of "death by a thousand cuts" for queer equal rights.

By Lisa Keen | June 17, 2021

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a city cannot discriminate against a contractor when they claim a religious belief.

By John Ferrannini | May 18, 2021

Medical professionals and others are urging the entire 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to reconsider a panel's decision that a university professor can misgender trans students.

By Lisa Keen | April 21, 2021

A case to be argued before the U.S. Supreme Court April 28 presents one of those rare instances in which different LGBTQ groups are on opposite sides.

By John Ferrannini | February 11, 2021

A trans Black man who is a San Francisco Fire Department paramedic is suing the city, alleging he has been discriminated against on the basis of his race and gender identity, harassed, and retaliated against.

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