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Queer Reading: Novel tells gay man's traumatic journey to freedom

Queer Reading: Novel tells gay man's traumatic journey to freedom

Sitting in the Denver home that he shares with his husband, gay first-time novelist Luai Qubain is free, living his dream, and heading into his future. His freedom was not without a price, however, and it was painfully hard won.

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By Brian Bromberger | June 23, 2021

For Omar G. Encarnación, Ph.D., it started with a New York Times op-ed he wrote two years ago, making the case for a "robust embrace of gay reparations in the United States, along the lines of Spain, Britain, and Germany."

By Brian Bromberger | October 21, 2020

With its predominantly conservative politics, the South has never been a leader or promoter of LGBTQ rights. So it would come as no surprise that being a queer teacher in this often-homophobic region would be a challenge.

By Cynthia Laird | September 18, 2020

In a continuing effort to receive support from readers, the Bay Area Reporter has launched its membership program.

By Brian Bromberger | June 3, 2020

A new book seeks to examine gay deaths that captured the country's attention.

By Brian Bromberger | May 12, 2020

In her new book, the Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies at UCLA compares LGBTQ 'coming out' with other subcultures.

By Michael Yamashita | May 1, 2020

Thank you very much, it has been both humbling and encouraging receiving your generous support when so many are also in need of help. So far, we have raised just over $25,000 and are just 15% away from reaching our goal of $30,000.

By Brian Bromberger | April 15, 2020

Although there have been numerous books by straight parents writing about their gay children (and vice versa), up until now there has not been an advice memoir by a gay parent to his LGBTQ children.

By Michael Yamashita | April 15, 2020

San Francisco is one of 11 US cities that is fortunate to have a legacy LGBT publication by us, for us, and about us. Help preserve the BAR as an historic and important community institution for the future.

By Cynthia Laird | January 29, 2020

This year marks the 10th annual Bay Area Reporter readers' poll, the Besties, and voting begins Thursday, January 30.

By Brian Bromberger | January 29, 2020

It all began with a homophobic rant by a Greek Orthodox priest at the June 2014 funeral of Perry Halkitis' mother where he denounced civil rights for LGBTQ people.

By Sari Staver | January 8, 2020

Robyn Crawford, longtime friend, personal assistant, and onetime lover of the late pop singer Whitney Houston, finally tells all in her new memoir about the relationship the two women had after meeting as teenagers in New Jersey.

By Brian Bromberger | December 30, 2019

Walt Odets, Ph.D., a gay man and clinical psychologist in private practice in Berkeley, has worked with, and written about, the psychological, developmental, and social lives of gay men for more than three decades.

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