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Declarations of independence: SF IndieFest

Declarations of independence: SF IndieFest

By David Lamble

The 22nd edition of the San Francisco Independent Film Festival (SF IndieFest) is our local version of that great film launching pad, Sundance.

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By Philip Campbell | January 22, 2020

A first look at the San Francisco Opera's 2020-21 season announcement is predictably exciting. There are some bold and baffling surprises, but the reasons are smart and balanced.

By Events Editor | January 22, 2020

Musicals, films, gay panel discussions, politically charged dramas and hilarious comedy are in the mix of arts events this week.

By Sura Wood | January 21, 2020

"Handsome Drifter," Ron Nagle's first survey in 25 years, is now at BAMPFA.

By Paul Parish | January 21, 2020

San Francisco Ballet's Gala dances ticked off the boxes an Olympics judge might face: technique, style, artistry, showmanship, and musicality. Everybody gets an A.

By Roberto Friedman | January 21, 2020

Music director Jessica Bejarano, a lesbian Latina, is the founder and conductor of a new ensemble, the San Francisco Philharmonic. Their first concert comes up on Feb. 3 at the Wilsey Center in San Francisco.

By Tavo Amador | January 21, 2020

Eddie Muller's 18th Annual San Francisco Film Noir Festival, "Noir City: International II," opens at the Castro Theatre on Jan. 24. The program features rarely seen movies from around the world.

By Brian Bromberger | January 21, 2020

"Howards End" was filmed for television in 2017 by BBC and Starz, but is now being broadcast throughout Jan.-Feb. on PBS in a four-hour limited series, streamable through mid-Feb.

By Jim Gladstone | January 21, 2020

The gut-punching production of playwright Heather Raffo's densely layered "Noura" is now at the Marin Theatre Company.

By Tim Pfaff | January 21, 2020

It's been a very good year for French opera and vocal music on recordings.

By Jim Gladstone | January 17, 2020

Jeremy Jordan appears in conversation and concert with kibitzer-pianist-Broadway-know-it-all Seth Rudetsky at the Herbst Theatre on Jan. 19.

By Events Editor | January 15, 2020

What can you learn from a painting? What can you give with your laughter, insight, observance and patronage? Find out at any of this week's arts events.

By David Lamble | January 14, 2020

The publication of "Have You Seen This Man? The Castro Poems of Karl Tierney" re-introduces the long-silenced voice of a local writer.

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