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Music, menus & motion: Mill Valley Film Festival faves

Music, menus & motion: Mill Valley Film Festival faves

By Brian Bromberger

The Mill Valley Film Festival returns for its 44th year October 7- 17, with in-person and online screenings. A few notable features: documentaries about Leonard Bernstein, Julia Child, and The Velvet Underground.

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By Jim Provenzano | October 9, 2021

Soon after gay Twitter calmed down about the Billy Eichner feature film project 'Bros,' which will feature an all-LGBT cast, costar Luke MacFarlane posted a few on-set tight T-shirt thirst-trap photos on his Instagram account.

By Jim Provenzano | October 5, 2021

"Fame is a mother," reads the tagline for 'The Other Two,' the acclaimed HBO Max comedy series. Whether or not you've seen the show, you've probably already laughed at the writing of the show's co-creator, Chris Kelly.

By Victoria A. Brownworth | October 5, 2021

Happy LGBTQ History Month, everybody! How better to celebrate than with some compelling new queer history? Amazon Prime, HBO and Netflix have some superb new offerings.

By Jim Provenzano | September 29, 2021

The film 'Bound,' described in the October 3 issue of the 'Bay Area Reporter,; was 'Noir lite with a dyke twist.' The Gina Gershon/Jennifer Tilly stylized romance got off to a passionate start only minutes into the crime flick.

By Brian Bromberger | September 28, 2021

Adapting stage musicals for film is very tricky and the list of successful Broadway musicals that made poor films is legion. We can now add the misfire exploitative disaster 'Dear Evan Hansen' to that ignominious list.

By Jim Provenzano | September 27, 2021

Cinema and television through five decades of 'Bay Area Reporter' coverage will be discussed by two prolific film writers, Brandon Judell and Brian Bromberger, on Oct. 7 at 6pm. Arts & Nightlife Editor Jim Provenzano moderates the online panel.

By David-Elijah Nahmod | September 21, 2021

Originally released in 1995, Michelle Handelman's documentary 'Bloodsisters: Leather, Dykes & Sadomasochism' educates and enlightens while preserving the history of San Francisco's lesbian BDSM community.

By David-Elijah Nahmod | September 14, 2021

Jessica Chastain stuns with mascara-eyed sincerity in the narrative adaptation of the acclaimed documentary, 'The Eyes of Tammy Faye,' about the rise and fall of televangelists Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker.

By Brian Bromberger | September 14, 2021

The new documentary about Truman Capote largely succeeds in telling the never-heard-before true story behind the headlines and gossip about a gay writer who paid a tremendous price for his gift.

By Brian Bromberger | September 7, 2021

As he himself says in the new documentary made about him by National Geographic films, Dr. Anthony Fauci, known mostly for his work in the AIDS and COVID pandemics, "I represent the truth which makes people uncomfortable."

By Brian Bromberger | August 31, 2021

Whether viewing from home or daring to visit cinemas, movie fans are getting a feast of feature films to feast on this fall, from action and adventure to gay dramas and rebooted classic musicals.

By Gregg Shapiro | August 24, 2021

When a movie about a pyromaniac sociopath opens with a shot of the burning traffic-light she set ablaze and ends with her refilling a gas can at a petrol station, as Pablo Larraín's 'Ema' does, you know you are in for a scorching experience.

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