Issue:  Vol. 45 / No. 41 / 8 October 2015

Letters to the Editor

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Parking and parties

In his letter [Mailstrom, October 1] , Castro merchant Patrick Batt seems to want to blame everyone from the city to limited street parking to (especially) Supervisor Scott Wiener because his business was off 80 percent – the day of the Pink Party – compared to last year.

I admit to not knowing all the facts but something just doesn't seem right with his letter.

He doesn't mention how his business fared the day/week/month before or after the Pink Party but does say that he and others are "weathering the increasing lack of shoppers in an aging and rapidly changing neighborhood."

So it's not just that one Saturday.

I also find it hard to believe that parking spaces not being available were responsible for his business being off. Does he really believe that if those parking spaces were available that everyone would be shopping at his business? What about the fact that 60,000 people attended the Pink Party? Parking didn't seem to stop them from coming to the Castro.

Would Mr. Batt have preferred the other alternative of canceling the event altogether?

Also, what does the "cost" of putting on the Pink Party have to do with the local merchants? It's not coming out of his or others' business expenses.

All that aside, the whole point of changing producers of the event and making changes to security, starting and ending times, etc. was to prevent the violence that has happened in the past.

Mr. Batt needs to ask which is more important: the fact that no one got shot, killed, or beat up or that he couldn't find a way to squeeze another dollar out of the visitors and locals in the Castro that day.

It's a rhetorical question Mr. Batt, and like you, I also won't be "holding my breath" for your answer.


Joe Mac

San Francisco


'Rent boys' existed long before Rentboy

Regarding the Rentboy issue, men my age (61) will confirm that "renting" boys for sex existed long, long before there was an Internet. In the old days, men would sit in Polk Street bars that had windows in front and just watch as the meat parade went by and then give the "come in" finger to their desired target.

Times have changed but physical needs and desires haven't.


Ken Hensley

Alameda, California

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