Issue:  Vol. 46 / No. 30 / 28 July 2016

Letters to the Editor

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Objects to gun photo

Why would you put a picture of a lady firing a gun in the Bay Area Reporter ["LGBTs debate gun laws," July 14] ? Did we learn anything from Orlando, Florida, the fatal police shootings of two African-Americans, and the list goes on?


Mautuse Miles

San Francisco


Honor walk oversight 'indefensible'

I agree with Mike Kitay's letter [Mailstrom, July 21] , regarding the absence of poet Thom Gunn from the Rainbow Honor Walk. Kitay makes a more-than-convincing case for honoring Gunn with a place on the walk. Leaving off "the poet laureate of the AIDS crisis" is simply indefensible.


Jim Nawrocki

San Francisco


No empathy for undocumented immigrant

We should all support Immigration and Customs Enforcement in their efforts to remove Heriberto Nolasco from this country ["Gay SF man fights deportation," June 30]. Of course, June is Pride Month. But I am not proud to have him as a member of our community.

To summarize the article, Nolasco is an illegal immigrant and a convicted drunk driver. It is important to note that according to the National Transportation Safety Board, 10,076 people were killed in drunk driving crashes in 2014.

Luckily, Nolasco didn't kill anyone. But we should never forget the case of Drew Rosenberg. Rosenberg was a 25-year-old student at Golden Gate University when he was struck and killed by an illegal alien drunk driver, Roberto Galo, who ran over his victim twice attempting to flee. The first time a tire got stuck on the victim's head; the second time a wheel rested directly on Rosenberg's abdomen. Had Galo simply stopped his vehicle after he initially bumped Rosenberg, he would be alive today. But Galo had to leave the scene – for obvious reasons. Galo was convicted of manslaughter and spent a mere six weeks in jail. This was in 2010, it took three years to deport him.

Not all states track DUI and mortality statistics by immigration status. California doesn't: it wouldn't be politically correct. The group has estimated that over 3,000 people are killed by illegal aliens behind the wheel each year. Yet we tolerate this carnage, and Barack Obama's (and Hillary Clinton's) nonsensical immigration policies.

Nolasco has been involved in other illegal activity as well, his employment as a bartender has taken a job away from an American, or legal immigrant. The prosecutor in his DUI case also believed there was enough information to charge him with providing false information to a police officer. Nolasco admits to having entered the country illegally more than once.


Tom McCloskey


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