Issue:  Vol. 46 / No. 38 / 22 September 2016

Letters to the Editor

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Clearing up hypocritical info

I would like to clear up hypocritical information that Bruce Mirken reported in his letter to the editor in the September 15 issue of the Bay Area Reporter.

In 2014, EQCA supported Supervisor David Campos for state Assembly. (As did I.) In fact, Campos personally solicited me to donate to the annual EQCA dinner last April.

So in your opinion it's OK to support the progressive candidate when it suits you and your causes, but when they support the moderate gay candidate it's war on queer SF?

With the exception of naming two streets in the Tenderloin for transgender activists (which I applaud), Jane Kim has done nothing for the LGBT community in San Francisco.

If it was not for EQCA and its leadership, you would not have the freedom to marry, you would not have equal protection laws in California for our LGBT community, and EQCA continues to fight for our community.

Scott Wiener has been in the front fighting for our rights alongside other gay activists such as Campos, Tom Ammiano, Harry Britt, Harvey Milk, Carole Migden, Bevan Dufty, and Mark Leno for many years, which is why I, and most in the LGBT community, are supporting him.

Remember, Kim took funds from PG&E for her primary race. Where was the outcry from the progressives then?

We all have the right to support our candidates in this election and reasons. But get your facts straight and don't be hypocritical about it.


Stephen Adams

San Francisco


Yes on Prop 62

I grew up in former Soviet Union, where during the dictatorship of Stalin, millions of people were killed. So, even today's Russia doesn't have the death penalty anymore because of the horrible brutality of this practice ["Two state props address death penalty," September 15] . People were so horrified of such the mass killing during Stalin's rein they totally rejected it. Why not here in the U.S.? The more we kill, then more killings. I support Prop 62 to replace the death penalty with life imprisonment in California. This is the right decision.


Georgy Prodorov

San Francisco


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