Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 3 / 18 January 2018

Police examine death of man found in gay cruising spot


A piece of crime scene tape near where the body of a man was found in Golden Gate Park.
(Photo: Seth Hemmelgarn)
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Police are investigating the death of a man whose body was found recently in a gay cruising section of Golden Gate Park.

The San Francisco Police Department reported that the man, identified by the medical examiner's office as David Borowy, 55, was dead when paramedics and police responded at 5:35 p.m., Sunday, July 8 to the scene, which is near the intersection of John F. Kennedy Drive and Bernice Rogers Way.

Police haven't disclosed how Borowy died, and it's not clear whether Borowy himself was in the park for sex. San Francisco police homicide Inspector Daniel Cunningham, who's investigating the death, wasn't available to comment for this story.

But several men who were in the park early last Saturday afternoon, July 14, said they've had sex in that area and at least a couple indicated that's why they were there that day. The section of the park where Borowy's body was found is filled with trails and clumps of trees that aren't visible from nearby roads.

Bob Dupont, 66, said he was the person who called 911 to report the body. He said someone else had seen the body first and approached him in the park.

Borowy had been lying down with his face in the ground, Dupont said. Borowy's left arm had been hanging in a tree branch fairly close to the ground, and his jeans had been down below his knees. Either his underwear was down, too, or he hadn't been wearing any, Dupont said. He said he couldn't see any sign of injury.

Dupont, who's gay and frequently comes to the area to read, said he'd caught a glimpse of Borowy's face, and he hadn't looked like anybody he'd seen before. He said he recognized the person who told him about the body but knew him only as Robby.

The small clearing where Dupont said he saw Borowy's body is mostly surrounded by trees. Cars and people passing by on the road nearby can be heard but aren't visible from the spot, which is bounded on one side by an exposed tree root that one has to climb over to get to the clearing.

A used condom was on the branch where Dupont said Borowy's arm had been, and two other used condoms, one mostly disintegrated, were close by. Dupont said he didn't know if the condoms had been there when he saw the body.

Rudy Tijerina, who said he was also in the area July 8 and saw the body after it was covered, indicated the body had been in another spot near the clearing when he saw it.

No police tape appeared to be at the clearing, although small pieces of the yellow material were lying on the ground not far from the spot. Down a small hill, two sections of police tape had been hung in the trees near another clearing. Only a couple pieces of tissue and some other trash were visible at that site.

Dupont, who lives near the park, entered the spot where he said he saw Borowy's body extremely reluctantly Saturday.

The incident "kind of spooks me still," he said.

Several people near the scene Saturday said they hadn't heard anything about the death.

Many of the men who were in the park Saturday were in their 50s and up. Some indicated they come for simple socializing at least as much as sex. Joggers, people walking their dogs, and others also pass through the area.

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