Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 11 / 15 March 2018

Prop 8 briefs: Republicans come out against 8


Log Cabin Republicans President Patrick Sammon. Photo: Jane Philomen Cleland
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Log Cabin Republicans President Patrick Sammon has announced the formation of a campaign committee to help increase opposition to Prop 8 among party members.

A statement released by Log Cabin said, "While Republicans Against 8 will draw support from Log Cabin members across the country, it falls to us here in California to help execute the campaign's ground game. Early polls look promising, but victory is not assured. We need your help to safeguard the freedom to marry."

"Our message to California Republican voters is simple: 'Opposing Proposition 8 is the conservative thing to do,'" the statement said.

The group is seeking volunteers to help identify Republican allies, reach out to friends and family members to contribute, and speak to the media, among other activities.

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No on 8 campaign goes 'Crazy Eight'

The No on 8 – Equality for All campaign is hosting an open house at its San Francisco headquarters from 5 to 8 p.m. Friday, August 8 in hopes of gathering volunteers and raising money.

During the eight days between Thursday, July 31, and Friday the campaign's been aiming to have 800 conversations and raise $8,000.

Friday at 8 p.m. (the time polls close on Election Day, November 4) will mark 88 days until the election, and the campaign is looking for volunteers to show up at the headquarters to help it reach its goals.

People can call (530) 329-3501 to sign up for a "Crazy Eight" volunteer shift. The headquarters is at 2278 Market Street (the former Tower Records). Refreshments will be served.

Report looks at whether couples use legal recognition

A recently released report from the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy at the UCLA School of Law that analyzes data from states that have extended legal recognition to same-sex couples shows that such couples not only want these new legal statuses, but they also use them when they're available.

According to the report, almost one-fourth of the country's population lives in a state that legally recognizes same-sex couples in some way.

More than 40 percent of same-sex couples have formed legal unions in states that provide such recognition, the report states.

The report also found that same-sex couples prefer marriage over civil unions or domestic partnerships. Thirty-seven percent of same-sex couples in Massachusetts married in the first year the state offered marriage. In states that offered civil unions, the report said, only 12 percent of same-sex couples took advantage of this status in the first year, and, in states with domestic partnership registries, only 10 percent did so.

Approximately two out of three legally recognized same-sex couples are female, according to the report.

To view the full report, visit

State's Catholic bishops oppose same-sex marriage

The bishops of the California Catholic Conference are voicing their support of Proposition 8.

The group released a statement encouraging Catholics "to provide both the financial support and the volunteer efforts needed for the passage of Proposition 8. And please exercise your citizenship and vote in November."

The statement calls marriage "the ideal relationship between a man and a woman for the purpose of procreation and the continuation of the human race" and says, "the ideal for the well being of children is to be born into a traditional marriage and to be raised by both a mother and a father."

According to the group's Web site – – "Our church is made up of nearly 11 million Catholics in California."

The Rainbow Sash Movement, a group of LGBT Catholics, responded, stating that the bishops are "guilty of fuzzy thinking."

"It is not the bishops' place to tell people how to vote," the group said, adding that the statements about the well-being of children are "irrational."

Bar association forms task force to help defeat Prop 8

The president of the Bar Association of San Francisco, James Donato, led an effort that resulted in May in the formation of the Marriage Fairness Task Force, which was designed to educate the community about marriage fairness and defeat Prop 8.

The task force includes a fundraising committee and a community/legal outreach committee and is working with community organizations to defeat the measure.

BASF is a nonprofit, voluntary membership organization of over 8,000 attorneys, law students, and legal professionals in the Bay Area.

Russell Roeca, the president-elect of the BASF, is the chair of the task force, which has more than 50 members.

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