Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 12 / 22 March 2018

News in brief: Winter T party Sat.


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The San Francisco Transgender Empowerment, Advocacy, and Mentorship program of the LGBT Community Center is holding its sixth annual Winter T party Saturday, December 22 from 6 to 9 p.m. at the center, 1800 Market Street.

The evening includes entertainment, food and drink, and an opportunity to celebrate the year's accomplishments toward transgender equality as well as a time to rejoice in community building. The event is free, but donations are welcome.

E. Bay Christmas Eve service

Eden United Church of Christ in Hayward will have a Christmas Eve service December 24 at 7:30 p.m. The Reverend Dr. Arlene K. Nehring, her partner, Stephanie Spencer, and the congregation will join in a contemporary candlelight service. A reception will follow.

Eden UCC is a diverse congregation, where people of all ages, races, backgrounds, and sexual orientations join together to grow spiritually, do good in the world, and develop healing and nurturing relationships.

The church is located at 21455 Birch Street. For more information, visit

South Bay Christmas Eve service

MCC-San Jose will hold its annual Christmas Eve candlelight service December 24 at 10 p.m. The church is located at 65 South 7th Street.

MCC-SF Christmas Eve service

MCC-San Francisco's Christmas Eve service takes place at 11 p.m. at 44 Page Street. For more information, visit

Create an anti-tobacco ad

Think you have a great idea for a 30-second anti-tobacco TV ad? Then the folks at the California Department of Public Health want you. The state's anti-tobacco media campaign has been recognized as one of the most effective, and you could have your ad shown on television stations across the state.

The contest, dubbed "Be a Reel Hero," is open to California residents 18 years of age or older. Ads should focus on one or more of the following: motivate people to quit smoking, the negative impacts of second-hand smoke, or countering tobacco industry marketing.

There are several contest rules and regulations, which can be viewed at The contest deadline is January 10.

Halloween meetings announced

The San Francisco Entertainment Commission has announced the first of its scheduled meetings on Halloween 2008. The commission will meet with groups from each sector of the city over the next few months. At the end of the meetings, the commission will issue a comprehensive plan for the festivities.

The first meetings are as follows: January 10, 5:30 p.m. in the community room at UCSF's Mission Bay campus, 1675 Owens Street (at 16th); January 28 at 5 p.m. at the South Beach community room; and January 29 at 7:30 p.m. at the Potrero Center.

Contests for Bare Chest Calendar 2009 to commence

Recruitment is now under way for the 2009 Bare Chest Calendar, a popular fundraising item that benefits the AIDS Emergency Fund and the Positive Resource Center. The first of 11 semi-final contests to select men to appear on the calendar is January 19, but organizers want to get the word out to encourage men to participate. Contests continue on the first, third, fourth, and fifth Thursdays throughout February, March, and April. All semi-final contests take place at the Powerhouse bar, 1347 Folsom Street.

Each contest is open to all men willing to appear on the calendar and willing to commit to a busy schedule of promotional events, fundraising activities, and other volunteer tasks assigned throughout the season. Those interested in becoming a calendar man must first attend an orientation prior to competing in one of the semi-final contests. Interested contestants should e-mail To see past calendars and for more information, visit

Eureka Valley-Harvey Milk Library renovations

Planned renovations are in store for the Eureka Valley-Harvey Milk branch of the San Francisco Public Library, but it will remain open until at least February, according to Mary Abler, neighborhood library campaign associate of Friends of the San Francisco Public Library.

The library has been in the process of preparing for renovation plans since 2004, Abler said. The project is estimated, based on other library renovation projects, to cost $500,000.

When the project begins, it is estimated that the library branch, located in the Castro, will be closed for nearly two years.

Six architectural bids were submitted December 12, according to Sherri Eng, library public relations officer. All of the bids were returned under budget, Abler said, and are currently being reviewed.

The library is seeking at least 15 committee members to assist with fundraising, which hasn't begun, and community building to give people a sense of "ownership in their own library," Abler said. She added that individuals could also purchase a $250 engraved brick for themselves or to honor someone. The bricks will pave a pathway next to the entrance of the library. The funds will be spent on furniture, fixtures, and equipment not included in the library bond money, which is only for the building's structure.

"The progress is going well," said Abler. "We have a lot of momentum, but we don't quite have the manpower we need going forward so we are actively pursuing anybody who is interested in participating."

At one point the GLBT Historical Society was considering moving into a building planned for the parking lot, but, Abler said, the plans were "scrapped" due to insufficient funds.

The next public meeting is scheduled for January 28 at 6:30 p.m. at the Eureka Valley-Harvey Milk Library branch. Another public meeting about the library's plans will be scheduled before construction begins. A closing party will be held, but a date hasn't been set, Abler said.

For more information, visit

To participate in the project, contact Abler at (415) 626-7512, ext. 107 or Marian Chatfield-Taylor, (415) 626-7512, ext. 103.

Kerry introduces HIV bill

Senator John Kerry (D-Massachusetts) introduced legislation December 14 to repeal outdated, misguided provisions in the Immigration and Nationality Act that bar HIV-positive individuals from entering the U.S. Senator Gordon Smith (R-Oregon) co-sponsored the bill.

"It's incredible that the federal government still tolerates a ban that not only restricts AIDS experts with the disease but also refugees who are seeking asylum in our country," Kerry said in a statement. He added that attempts to fix the law through a waiver system currently in use "don't do anything to rectify the discriminatory underlying problem."

The INA provisions have been on the books since 1993. The cumbersome waiver option is available, but it is a restrictive process.

Heather Cassell contributed to this report.

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