Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 3 / 18 January 2018

Wiener wants Kim to stop calling for ‘gimmicky, self-serving pledges’

Supervisors Jane Kim, left, and Scott Wiener at an April debate. Photo: Rick Gerharter

Supervisors Jane Kim, left, and Scott Wiener at an April debate. Photo: Rick Gerharter

Gay state Senate candidate Scott Wiener has called on his opponent, Jane Kim, to sign a “Pledge To Stop Demanding Gimmicky Self-Serving Pledges.”

In an open letter today (Thursday, July 7), Wiener, who serves with Kim on San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors and is running against her for the 11th District seat, refers to a recent request Kim made for Wiener to not “refer to her record or even say her name during the campaign.” Wednesday, she requested Wiener sign a pledge “to discourage outside negative attacks,” Wiener said in an email to supporters.

Wiener referred to Kim’s first pledge as the “Don’t say my name” pledge and said her messages are “anti-democratic and ill-advised attempts to censor the full and informed debate that voters deserve.”

He said her latest demand essentially asks him to “renounce his endorsement by the Democratic Party and by LGBT civil rights groups, by agreeing to pay a penalty if the Democratic Party or LGBT groups send out any voter communication listing their endorsement.”

Wiener also pointed to support Kim has received from PG&E and said as the company’s “favored candidate,” she’s “the beneficiary of a utility that is notorious for last-minute, lavish, and largely unaccountable expenditures to influence election outcomes.”

He then asks her to sign his pledge, which includes the promise to “refrain from feigned pretensions of shock, disappointment, offense, and other expressions of mock moral superiority because” her proposed pledges “are, in fact, political stunts and gimmicks unworthy of the voters.”

In an interview, Julie Edwards, who’s with Kim’s campaign, explained that Kim’s urging of Wiener to discourage outside help comes from U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Massachusetts) “People’s Pledge,” which Edwards said has been shown to reduce “the influence of outside spending in elections.”

“To call Elizabeth Warren’s People’s Pledge a gimmick is a remarkable statement,” Edwards said, and shows “how determined he is to run a negative campaign.”


— Seth Hemmelgarn, July 7, 2016 @ 1:13 pm PST
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