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Site supports Migden mayoral bid

Blog_Image.jpgAs a progressive newspaper and political group tarred and feathered Mayor Gavin Newsom as a “chicken” this week, word spread about the launching of a Web site urging state Senator Carole Migden (D-San Francisco) to run against Newsom for the city’s top job this year.

The site at is laughable in its simplicity and could use a good proofreader. The site has no photos of the senator, perhaps luckily for Migden, considering the doctored photos of Newsom with a beak for a mouth created by the SF Party Party group and the SF Bay Guardian’s front page caricature of a mayoral fowl in its Wednesday edition.

A message at the top of the Web page welcomes visitors to the “homepage of ‘Run, Carole, Run’ in an effort to get State Senator Carole Migden to run for Mayor of San Francisco in 2007.” But directly below in the “Carole’s Bio” section it not only misspells the senator’s last name as Midgen but states she “should run for Mayor in 2008.”

San Francisco voters will elect a new mayor this year; in 2008 Migden will be up for re-election to her 3rd Senate District seat and could face a challenge from Assemblyman Mark Leno (D-San Francisco), who will be termed out of his 13th Assembly District seat. If Leno does indeed enter the race, San Francisco Board of Supervisors President Aaron Peskin has said he too, would file to run.

Under the “Newsom Needs a Challenger” section of the Migden site, the misspellings and bad syntax continue. Newsom is criticized for a perceived lack of support for tenant rights; a “lack of supoort [sic] for closing of Golden Gate Park on traffic on Saturdays;” his handling of the police department; affordable housing issues; and his homelessness policies.

The site also includes the garbled claim of “Now it is the time to elect a woman mayor!” It is unclear who is behind the “Run, Carole, Run” site. Its creators used a Web hosting service to keep their identities anonymous.

Migden spokesman Eric Potashner said he saw the site earlier this week and thought, “in terms of a Web site it is not a very good one.” As for Migden entering the mayoral race, he said, “She appreciates the sentiment. I think she is looking forward to being a state senator for the next six years.”

Both Migden and Leno seem uninterested in taking on Newsom this year, as do most of those rumored to be interested in seeking the job at some point. More speculation surfaced this week that former supervisor and mayoral candidate Matt Gonzalez would take on Newsom again for a rematch of their 2003 race, but several political observers told the Bay Area Reporter that they doubt he will file to run.

As for Newsom, he is being labeled a “chicken” for ducking out on a measure voters passed last November that called for the mayor to appear before the supervisors for a question and answer period each month. The Guardian editorialized and ran a story about “Mayor Chicken” just days before Newsom plans to attend the first of his own Q&A sessions, his alternative to the one passed at the ballot box.

These sessions will take place around the city and kick off Saturday, January 13 at 10 a.m. at the Richmond Recreation Center, 251 18th Ave. The SF Party Party, the group that failed in its bid to “dump” District 8 Supervisor Bevan Dufty from the board last year, is planning to be out in force at the mayor’s event.

It is also selling “Chicken Newsom” T-shirts, doggie clothes, and buttons at

According to the mayor, as the Guardian noted in its story, he feels that by “bringing these conversations to the neighborhoods – during non-work hours – will allow residents to participate and will ensure transparent dialogue, while avoiding the politicized, counterproductive arguing that too often takes places in the confines of City Hall.”

But after Saturday, Newsom may wish he just took his chances before the 11 members of the board. In an e-mail sent out Monday the SF Party Party group wrote, “The Chicken Mayor’s first town hall promise to be a hoot (do chickens hoot?). We promise to provide so much political theater that Newsom will WISH he was in the Board Chamber!”

— Matthew S. Bajko, January 10, 2007 @ 4:54 pm PST
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