Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 8 / 22 February 2018

SF police association head wants apology from DeJesus for Taser comments

The president of the San Francisco Police Officers Association is calling on lesbian police commissioner Petra DeJesus to apologize for calling officers who use Tasers “lazy.”

DeJesus was one of three commissioners who voted November 3 against equipping officers with Tasers, which are also known as Electronic Control Devices. (DeJesus’ effort was unsuccessful, as the motion passed 4-3.)

According to POA President Martin Halloran’s November 15 letter to DeJesus, she told KTVU TV on the day of the vote, “Using Tasers is the lazy cops’ way of getting someone to do something. Oh, if you don’t move quickly enough, I’ll tase you. If you don’t get out of the car, I’ll tase you. It’s a hands on job. They can use other things.”

Halloran told DeJesus, “You have an important position in our community to make such ill-informed and juvenile remarks. You embarrassed not only your colleagues on the commission but all of the hard-working officers on our streets who are trying to make a difference in people’s lives. You seem to think law enforcement is a game. It’s not. Go go a midnight watch line-up at Bayview Station [one of the city’s most crime-ridden districts] or any other station for that matter and explain to them why you think using ECDs is a lazy option.”

He added that DeJesus should either apologize to the officers of the San Francisco Police Department “or have the courage to tell them to their face that you believe they are lazy.”

DeJesus didn’t immediately respond to the Bay Area Reporter’s requests for comment. The longtime police commissioner has opposed Tasers for years, and earlier this year, Supervisor Ahsha Safei backed labor leader Olga Miranda’s effort to unseat DeJesus. Miranda eventually ended her bid after the B.A.R. and other media outlets reported on allegations that she’d been physically and verbally abusive toward others.


— Seth Hemmelgarn, November 16, 2017 @ 1:18 pm PST
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