Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 8 / 22 February 2018

Oakland doctor accused of sexual misconduct

A doctor in Oakland is being accused of masturbating and fondling a patient who’d been assaulted at his job.

Through her complaint against Dr. George N. Queeley, Medical Board of California Executive Director Kimberly Kirchmeyer seeks to have Queeley’s certificate revoked or suspended, among other actions.

[Update]: In a notice distributed Thursday, October 12, the board said that Queeley had agreed to surrender his license. [End update]

According to the complaint, filed September 22, the patient, who works as a caregiver, had been referred to Queeley after someone “punched him in the nose and struck him over the back with a walker.”

On January 19, the patient met with Queeley, who’s an occupational medicine physician, alone in an exam room.

Queeley allegedly told the patient, who presented with elevated blood pressure, to take off his shirt. Queeley then allegedly touched the patient’s face, the complaint says.

Next, Queeley allegedly told the patient “to lay face down on the examination table,” pulled down the patient’s pants, “and began massaging his buttocks.”

Queeley then asked the patient to turn over, according to the complaint. After the patient complied, Queeley allegedly “pulled down the front of patient’s pants and began caressing patient’s penis and testicles, while asking patient if he had a boyfriend (sic).”

The doctor briefly left the room and came back with lubricant.

He “placed the lubricant on patient’s penis and began masturbating him with his left hand. Soon after, patient ejaculated and respondent licked the semen off his hand and patient’s penis (sic),” the complaint says.

Queeley then allegedly performed oral sex on the patient, and afterward, he told the patient “that he performs private massages.” He set up a follow-up appointment for the next week and gave the patient a document limiting contact with his client at work and restricting his physical movement.

According to the complaint, the patient, who filed a police report, “later told police that he was in shocked and felt lifeless as the events transpired.

In a pretext phone call between the patient and Queeley, Queeley “admitted to masturbating [the] patient in the exam room,” the complaint says.

Among other allegations, the complaint says, the medical record that Queeley created is incomplete, given the patient’s police report and Queeley’s “admission of sexual misconduct.” Queeley’s also accused of failing “to provide an adequate occupational medicine assessment” for the patient’s “possible nasal fracture.”

Oakland police told the Bay Area Reporter they couldn’t find any records matching a description of the incident.

Queeley, whom the medical board certified in 1967, didn’t respond to an interview request. The patient’s name isn’t listed in the complaint.

— Seth Hemmelgarn, October 11, 2017 @ 3:38 pm PST
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