Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 8 / 22 February 2018

Courage’s Jacobs criticizes Prop 8 repeal campaign’s leadership structure

02_09_Poll_Fresno_23_LRGThe chair of the statewide Courage Campaign told the Bay Area Reporter this week that he doesn’t see the governing structure and other necessary elements in place to win marriage equality.

The comment from Rick Jacobs (pictured at right), whose group has favored repealing Prop 8 in 2010, made his comment just over a week after other groups launched a signature gathering campaign to put a repeal measure on the ballot in November 2010.

As to whether his group’s stance on 2010 has changed, Jacobs said, “Courage Campaign has never changed our attitude or the basis on which we’re operating, which is that we have to have research that informs a path to victory, a governance structure that the progressive community and LGBT community respects, a campaign manager that is empowered to make decisions reporting to that structure, and funding, so we’ve been very, very consistent on that and remain so.”

Asked if he sees those elements in place at all, Jacobs said, “I don’t see them.”

He said that Courage Campaign has been having conversations to build a permanent infrastructure. Among other work, he said that the group has 44 equality teams in 23 counties working on “short term campaigns that are designed to build relationships to start to work on the project to change the way people think and feel about LGBT equality,” as well as other progressive issues.

“We are very much engaged right now in the process of building out the teams and relationships with other organizations and creating something that’s a permanent infrastructure. These are all volunteers,” said Jacobs.

He also said that Courage Campaign has had “multiple inquiries” to take its Camp Courage training sessions national.

Courage Campaign has been doing research on repealing Prop 8 for months.

Jacobs said that some summaries of the research will be available “I would think sometime in December.”

One project the group is launching just in time for the holidays, when people will be gathered with family and friends, is its “Courageous Conversations” campaign.

Courage Campaign is asking people to pledge to have a “Story-of-Self” conversation designed to change minds about marriage equality.

Jacobs said the campaign is geared more toward straight people than LGBTs.

Conversations about marriage equality are “more powerful, frankly, coming from straight people because it makes the point this is not just the issue of a certain group of people, it’s an American freedom and liberty issue,” he said.

Pledges can be made at

— Seth Hemmelgarn, November 25, 2009 @ 12:31 pm PST
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