Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 11 / 15 March 2018

Breaking: Man acquitted in ’11 Nob Hill murder case

Waheed Kesmatyer, acquitted in murder case.

Waheed Kesmatyer, acquitted in murder case.

A man was acquitted today (Wednesday, April 1) of murdering his older gay roommate in San Francisco’s Nob Hill neighborhood in 2011.

With their verdict, jurors indicated they believed that Waheed Kesmatyer, 28, who stabbed, beat, and strangled to death Jack Baker, 67, did so in self-defense after Baker raped and stabbed him, as the defense team claimed.

Outside the courtroom, one juror told the Bay Area Reporter that the prosecutor in the case didn’t show evidence to prove otherwise.

In his testimony last month, Kesmatyer said of Baker’s death, “It was a struggle. I was trying to get away. … I was just scared he might kill me.”

A paring knife had been broken off in Baker’s head, he’d been stabbed dozens of times, and there was an electrical cord tied around his neck.

Kesmatyer was charged with first-degree murder. Jurors also had the option of convicting him of second-degree murder or voluntary manslaughter, but they opted against all charges.

He’s been in custody since his arrest in February 2011 and is likely to be released within the next couple of days.

The trial started in late February. Closing arguments were last week. Jurors deliberated for about two days before announcing their decision.

The B.A.R. will have more on this story in the Thursday, April 9 edition.

— Seth Hemmelgarn, April 1, 2015 @ 11:42 am PST
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