Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 7 / 15 February 2018

New Year causes and krewes

On the Town

Terrill Grimes (left-right), Shawn Perez-White, Brent Marek and Cameron Stiel at Lookout's We Go High fundraiser for the Southern Poverty Law Center. photo: Scott Iverson
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Thank you to all our readers who provided thoughtful responses to our end-of-year column. More than ever, we are convinced that together, we shall prevail!

The usually calm January period shortly after the holiday rush was punctuated with several successful events. Last Thursday, we joined a stellar host committee in supporting Chris Hastings and his team at Lookout for We Go High, a fundraiser for the Southern Poverty Law Center. As First Lady Michelle Obama so powerfully said, "When they go low, we go high!"

At first, this organization might seem a stretch, but upon investigation, we are sure you'll find their mission, their internal workings, and their success stories very much in line with our community's heart and soul. By tackling intolerance, discrimination, and outright hate in its many forms across the country through education and litigation, the Southern Poverty Law Center far exceeds the expectations its name might imply.

Hosts Mercedez Muro, BeBe Sweetbriar, Brian Kent, Cameron Stiehl, Christopher Vasquez, Ken Henderson, Rick Hamer, Sister Roma, Suzan Revah and hundreds of supporters at Lookout gladly donated at the door and bought raffle tickets for a wide range of prizes awarded throughout the evening. Those contributions combined with half the income of the bar that night totaled over $7300!

We enjoyed the company of Leandro Gonzales, Alexis Miranda, Locoya Hill, Race Bannon, and many others, especially when it was announced that this event pushed Lookout beyond the one-million-dollar mark raised for charitable causes since opening nine years ago! What an amazing accomplishment!

The following night, Krewe de Kinque, the local Gay Mardi Gras club, celebrated Twelfth Night in traditional New Orleans style at a private home with creole food, generous cocktails, and gold, purple, and green décor galore.

Masks were required, so we aren't completely sure who was there, but kudos to King XIII Sergio and Queen XIII China Silk on a stellar party! We think we saw Deana Dawn, John Weber, Saybeline Fernandez, Aja Monet-Ashton, Barry Miles, David Herrera, Diana Wheeler, Mary Wannah, William Buckley, Richard Landry, and Douglass Stromberg visiting from Palm Springs.

Towards the end of the evening certain secret members-only ceremonies took place, followed by the cutting of the King cake which contains a tiny toy infant; the person whose piece of cake holds this icon hosts the next club event.

Suzan Revah, Race Bannon, BeBe Sweetbriar and Cleve Jones attended the We Go High fundraiser for the Southern Poverty Law Center. photo: Scott Iverson

From there, a raucous group traipsed down into the Castro for a final bar crawl. This big-hearted, fun-filled club was started by Gary Virginia and KC Dare thirteen years ago over libations at The Edge and each year raises money for various grass roots causes.

This year's finale, Bal Masque XIV, 14 Karat Gold , with Celebrity Grand Marshal Juanita More! will benefit Homobiles and takes place at The Café on Saturday, February 11, 4-8PM. Get your tickets now and put some thought into your gold-themed Mardi Gras attire!

On Saturday, we joined many members of the Imperial Court of San Francisco at Beaux for a fundraiser for the Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band. These two groups have a long shared history of mutual support, dating back to the Founder of the Imperial Court Jose Sarria who rallied his friends to raise money for colorful professional uniforms for the band. Beyond the strong San Francisco Imperial presence, San Jose Emperors Philip Archer and Rick LeBlanc were also in the house as emcees Alexis Miranda and Miz Eva Sensitiva led the lively open show and the band played enthusiastically from the balcony above.

Twelfth Night celebrations with Krewe de Kinque. Photo: Rich Stadtmiller

Never one to be tied to a single event per day, we went from there to Patty McGroin's Dollhouse show at Midnight Sun, followed by stops at The Mix, Twin Peaks, 440 Castro, and The Edge. Share the wealth, share the joy!

Well, enjoy these waning days of January as California restores its water supply, the nation's eyes turn to Washington, D.C., and we reclaim our energy for the active months ahead.

Come February, watch for Academy of Friends Oscar Gala, Krewe de Kinque's Bal Masque, Imperial Coronation, and all manner of Valentine's Day celebrations. And as always, your intrepid social columnist will be here to guide you, remind you, and put your name in boldface type.

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