Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 7 / 15 February 2018

Brendan Phillips

On The Tab

Porn and performance peaks with the Nob Hill newbie

Brendan Phillips. Photo:
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Brendan Phillips is young, muscled fresh face in gay erotica. The Nob Hill Theater is giving the new year the man it deserves, with the sensuality you need. The Bay Area Reporter gets the lowdown from Phillips on sexuality, fitness, and the other 'F-word.'


Cornelius Washington: Is this your first time performing at The Nob Hill Theater? How does it feel to be invited to perform at such a legendary venue, with an equally impressive history?

Brendan Phillips: This is my first time at Nob Hill Theater and I'm most definitely honored to be invited to perform.


How do you think you'll feel when you see yourself having sex on the theater's legendary massive screen?

I love the thrill of performing, so it will be a big turn on for me. However, I probably won't look at the screen, to be honest. The best performance is when the audience just gets to witness real, passionate, live sex and I'd rather be in the moment than watching myself.


What will you (and partner Alex Torres) bring to the stage that no one else can?

Alex and I are fortunate to be working together because we chose each other. We are both fans of each other as models, but we haven't had sex or even kissed yet. We're going to save the moment that we first get to release all that pent-up sexual tension for each other for the stage. I can't wait.


Have you ever before performed live sex shows before this appearance, and what was that like for you?

Yes, I've performed both solo and with a partner, Trenton Ducati, at Flex Spa Cleveland. I remember the rush and exhilaration of people cheering us on while we did it, and it made us go harder. I loved it.


What was the first porn film that you remember seeing? What effect did it have on you?

I can't remember exactly who was in the first porn I saw, but I remember always being jealous of the characters because I wanted to fuck at least one or both of them (or all three, four, etc.).


What influenced your decision to become an adult film star?

It's funny. I was approached by a recruiter on Grindr. I actually said no to that company, but it opened my eyes to the fact that I wanted to do something that liberated myself sexually, so I approached the company I wanted most and was hired.


Brendan Phillips photo:

What do you now know about the industry that you wish you'd known before you entered it?

The thing that will make you the most successful on set will be to forget the cameras, the lights, the crew, the set and yourself, and just realize that you're getting paid to do one of the most enjoyable things a human being can experience.


From your perspective, what are the industry's best and worst aspects? 

Best: We get paid to fuck some of the most beautiful men on earth.

Worst: Sometimes, you have a really awesome connection with your scene partner, but we often live far apart. And sometimes, when you get on set, you just wanna cuddle instead of fuck.


With whom (director, studio, producer, etc.) have you not yet worked, but would love to?

I would love to work with a list of producers outside of the US: Tim Tales, Fuckermates, Kristen Bjorn and Stag Homme, to name a few.

If you could perform in a scene with any porn star (past or present, living or dead), with whom would you partner and what would you do with them?

I'd work with Alexsander Freitas, because he owns the bottom in his scenes and does whatever he wants with them. So, it's up to him what he'd do with me!


With what scene partner have you worked, and cannot wait to work with again?

Rafael Alencar is one of the sweetest and sexiest men I have ever met. We will be working together again for sure.


Have you ever felt hesitant/unsure about a scene at its outset, only for it to turn out to be an awesome experience?

That's how I felt the first time I got fucked in the "pile driver" position. You're upside down with your legs spread open and the top pushes his dick down into you. But I learned it feels incredible and now I request it often on new sets.

Alex Torres performs with Brendan Phillips at The Nob Hill Theater this weekend.

How has being in the industry evolved or expanded your private sexuality?

I'm really grateful for how porn has affected my personal sex life. I've learned that we all have something that really turns us on and if you're safe (by your own definition of safe) and no one's getting hurt, you should try it.


What, sexually, would you do in private that you'd never do onscreen, and vice-versa?

I've never been double penetrated. This may happen sometime in the future (on or off set), but the moment hasn't been right yet...


What is your reaction to your own work?

I will watch a 90-second preview and that's it. I just want to know what the finished product looks like, but the whole experience is for the audience.


Of all of your work thus far, do you have a favorite film or scene?

I've had so many different and amazing experiences that I couldn't pick a single scene, but, I do remember vividly going to Miami for Miami Beat ( in my first year of modeling. I'd never been to Miami before and we had a beautiful location on South Beach to spend the whole weekend. That was so luxurious since I was so new and didn't know what to expect from being a model.


Brendan Phillips photo:

What has been your fans' reaction to your bareback work?

Everyone loves bareback sex, and each person has their own parameters and safety precautions for doing it. I think the audience loves it because there's a sense of intimacy and contact that can't be achieved with a condom.


STDs, particularly syphilis and gonorrhea, and drug use rates are skyrocketing nationwide. Do you have any advice for my readers about how to enjoy safer sex?

Get tested, get tested often and require your partner(s) to do the same.

What do you think with be the next big erotica trend? Where do you see yourself within it?

I think, sometime in the future, we will see virtual reality porn where you can feel what is happening in the scene. My role? You get to fuck me virtually, that's what.

What is your ultimate goal in porn?

I want to always have fun on set, try things I've never tried (in a safe environment), and make plenty of people cum while watching it.

When the Nob Hill Theater's curtains open, who would you most love to see in the audience?

Anyone who wants to get off! This is about feeling good, having fun and shooting your load. I know I will.

Brendan Phillips and Alex Torres at the Nob Hill Theatre; Phillips makes his strip club debut with solo shows at 8pm and sex shows with Torres at 10pm. January 13 & 14. $25. 729 Bush St. at Powell. 397-6758. Brendan Phillips' Twitter Page:

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