Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 7 / 15 February 2018

Besties Events


Bestie-winning grooves, gays, kinks and kings

Mango at El Rio. photo: Carol Hill
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A successful event is nothing without innovative fun-loving people who create them. Yet, in our expanded editorial coverage, we bring you unusual and classic events that make living in the Bay Area fun. And of course, the events' organizers are the winners.

Best Women's Event

Mango at El Rio

Although it's the off-season for this popular women's event, its popularity was evident in the reader voting. With a music variety that's particularly welcoming to women of color, El Rio wins again with another popular event.

Runners up: Pussy Party (Beaux), Cockblock (Rickshaw Stop)

Best Comedy Night

Funny Tuesdays, Harvey's

At the southwest corner of the rainbow-painted intersection of Castro and 18th streets, comedy rules each Tuesday as Ronn Vigh welcomes a variety of stand-up performers each week. From fellow Bestie winners Marga Gomez and Justin Lucas, to newcomers and comic veterans, you can be sure the jokes are with us, not on us; well, sometimes on us. See more comedy winners in this issue.

Runners up: Comedy Returns (El Rio), Hella Gay Comedy (various venues)

Best Drag Show

The Monster Show, The Edge

By a huge majority, every category that included the late, great Cookie Dough won. The Monster Show's range of themes offered hilarious parodies and drag tributes. Often filled to capacity, the cozy bar atmosphere made for some close-up encounters between patrons. The tradition carries on, with new hosts, and continued crazy drag fun.

Runners up: Mother (Oasis), Glamazone (The Café)

Best Weekly Nightlife Event

The Monster Show, The Edge

Again, We ♥ Cookie!

Runners up: Mother (Oasis), Sundance Saloon (Space 550, Beatbox)

Go Bang's Sergio Fedasz and Steve Fabus.
photo: Uel Renteria

Best Monthly Nightlife Event

Go Bang! at The Stud

Not only do you get a bouyant joy of music from Sergio Fedazs (our straight but honorary homo DJ), but a Go Bang! night offers a sweaty interactive gay history lesson with veteran DJ Steve Fabus, who's been creating amazing disco dance parties since the days when most of our readers were still in either a closet or a crib. As frequent guest DJs, the duo of Fedasz and Fabus also won Best Duo or Group DJ, and that's because, for hip-shaking calorie-burning euphoria, Disco Rules.

Runners up: Beatpig (Powerhouse), Comedy Returns (El Rio)

Best Game Night

Play With Bebe at Harvey's

People know stuff; silly stuff, unimportant yet vital stuff, like lines from All About Eve, and the length of the Golden Gate Bridge. Mixed in with a few cocktails, a tasty menu of bibbly things or a full meal, plus witty host Bebe Sweetbriar, Hump Days were fun, but Sweetbriar's off to other adventures, so stop by on the Bestie-winning Funny Tuesdays or at our runner-up game nights.

Runners up: Bottoms Up Bingo (Hi Tops), Miss Kitty's Trivia Night (Wild Side West)

Hard French at El Rio.
photo: Dallis Willard

Best Nightlife Event (non-weekly/non-monthly)

Hard French at El Rio

Our cover feature in this issue tries to get a grip on the raucous, sensation that is Hard French. But some events are just intangible, pleasure rising up from the back patio of El Rio, along with the sizzling barbeque smoke and waves of soul music. Get in line early for the next edition on April 4, with guests Honey Soundsystem. Hard French is le plus amusant.

Runners up: Bearracuda (various venues), Comfort & Joy (various venues)

Best (non-contest) Leather Event at a Bar

Daddy (Powerhouse)

Despite being one of the most popular leather title-holders in years, the handsome Andy Cross doesn't shy away from getting down and naughty at the bars. When he's not busily working with the bar staff, he can be worshiped atop the bar in boots, a jock strap, and little else but his stunning smile. It's no wonder that Daddy won a Bestie. Read more in race Bannon's feature in this issue.

Runners up: Code (Edge), Lick It (Powerhouse)

Best Theme Night

Pound Puppy (SF Eagle)

From groovy tunes to sexy gogos, and the occasional hot barber, Pound Puppy has quickly established itself as one of SoMa's premiere alternative fun events, where guys and women of all types can cavort. Cubs, bears, wolves, otters, whatever your spirit animal, Jorge and Blake's monthly Pound Puppy is a big part of the Eagle's renaissance. The enxt Pound Puppy's April 11, with guest DJ Jeffrey Sfire.

Runners up: Cubcake (Lone Star Saloon), Mazel Top (Oasis)

Best Unusual Nightlife event

Nightlife at the California Academy of Sciences

With live and not-so-live animal exhibits nearby, a party with an albino alligator as your doorman can't be topped by a mere bar event. So it is with our voters, who love sipping cocktails while getting docent demonstrations about mammal brains and sea creatures. The fascinating museum reminds us that we're far from the most interesting species on the planet.

Runners up: parties, Dragula (Oasis; SF Eagle)

A publicity photo for the 2014 Drag King Contest.

Honorary Bestie:

Best Drag King Event

Drag King Contest

Oops! We did it again, and Drag King Contest guru Fudgie Frottage came out swingin' after we did not include a Drag King ballot. Well, we apologize. Certainly, the annual Drag King Contest is a highlight of nightlife fun, as it pokes fun at stereotypes of masculinity with a wild wicked edge. But we also encourage promoters of other drag king events to send event info for inclusion every other week of the year. What's not on our radar doesn't get included.

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