Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 3 / 18 January 2018

Our women in uniform


Dyke Uniform Corps's Maj. Levi and Sgt. Max at a recent D.U.C. event. photo: D.U.C.
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We're just days away from Leather Week, the bevy of annual events that precede and surround the world-famous core event, Folsom Street Fair. I'll get to my annual pitch for my readers to enjoy those events, but first I'd like to discuss another topic.

I think there's a tendency when someone mentions uniforms as a kink that the image of men in uniform forms in our heads. Understandable. The images that pervade our kink ethos, at least our LGBTQ kink ethos, tend to be predominantly male.

That's not a value judgment. It is what it is. But I think it's important to highlight a variety of genders, identities and kinks that populate the overall LGBTQ leather and kink scene.

The Dyke Uniform Corps (D.U.C.) was founded in April 1998 for women uniform fetishists by four people known as the General Officers: Gunner, Kane, Blade and Tomo. I had an opportunity to speak with one of those founders, Tomo.

Tomo also holds the titles of Northwest slave 2015 and International slave 2016 and is one of the owners and producers of Northwest Leather Celebration now held annually in Sacramento. It's a great event and one of the only full-fledged leather conferences held in our area.

I had heard D.U.C. was approaching its 20th anniversary in 2018 and I really didn't know much about the organization. Tomo gave me lots of great information.

Back when D.U.C. first formed, the uniform clubs in existence allowed only men to join. Believing there was a need to be filled, the four founders of D.U.C. used their extensive nonprofit leadership experience and came together to create the D.U.C.

This so beautifully illustrates something I've been saying a lot lately. One of the constant refrains I hear these days is some version of leather isn't what it used to be or we no longer have certain opportunities to socialize or play, or some other 'lack' in our scene. My answer is often, "Then why don't you create that?"

These women saw a lack of something and filled the gap with a new creation. I hope others take inspiration from that. Start a club. Form a learning group. Get a pack of people together to socialize. Host a play party. Whatever the need is, fill it. Let's complain less and focus on creating things that keep our scene alive and vibrant.

I asked Tomo why she thinks uniforms are such a pervasive and popular fetish and kink.

"It's hot! When a person enters a room at a kink event in a uniform, heads turn. With the roots of the leather community being related to the military and many protocols and traditions exhibiting this, it is not a far leap that the fetish and kink communities would love a uniform. Our community plays with and fetishizes power. It's not limited to just a feeling. It can also be the representation of and intentionality behind playing with power. When I wear a uniform, I feel different, I walk differently. I feel 'squared away,' powerful, organized, together, and sexy."

Regardless of why so many kinksters enjoy uniforms, they clearly do. Attend any big leather or kink event and you're bound to see quite a few.

One of the worldwide organizations for men that includes uniforms among the fetishes it embraces is BLUF (Breeches, Leather and Uniform Fanclub). BLUF has a local SF Bay Area chapter and they're quite active.

Since language is so carefully used these days, I asked Tomo why they used the word 'dyke.'

"At the time of its founding, the Dyke Uniform Corps was intended to appeal to and celebrate uniform fetishists within lesbian communities. From day one, we have owned the name Dyke Uniform Corps and we wear it as proudly as we wear our uniforms. Dyke has always empowered us as an organization, and exemplifies that we are unapologetic about being leatherwomen."

"Although we keep our original name to honor this important history, queer, lesbian, straight and bisexual women are welcome in the Corps, and our membership reflects a broad range of sexual orientations and identities."

If you're interested in becoming a member of D.U.C., it's an easy process. Applications for full and associate memberships can be found on their website where you'll also find information about their mission, goals, vision, history, events, and more.

D.U.C. accepts applicants from anyone 21+ who self-identifies as a woman, as well as non-binary, genderqueer and transmasculine people who feel that their home is in the women's community.


Leather Week

As previously mentioned, Leather Week and Folsom Street Fair are upon us. The annual reveling in our fetishes and kinks offers so much for us to do. Thousands of visitors make San Francisco their destination and, along with kinky locals, partake in dozens of events.

If you're LGBTQ and kinky, or simply kink-curious, check out the listings in the calendar that accompanies this column and start making some plans. Some of the events sell tickets in advance. If you're planning to attend one of them, buy your tickets now, because some will sell out.

Also, be on the lookout for leather and kink events promoted on Facebook. I've found that for such LGBTQ events, most of them create Facebook event pages.

Whatever you end up doing, have fun, be safe, and let's show the world that San Francisco is still one of the great leather and kink capitals of the world.

Race Bannon is a local author, blogger and activist. You can reach him on his website,

Leather Events, September 15-29, 2017

The next two weeks are full of leather and kink events, building up to the annual Folsom Street Fair.

Fri 15

Sat 16 for details.

Mon 18

Ride Mondays @ Eros

A motorcycle rider and leathermen night at Eros, bring your helmet, AMA card, MC club card or club colors and get $3 off entry or massage. 2051 Market St.

Wed 20

Leathermen's Discussion Group @ Mr. S Leather Studio

Breath Play with Mark Frazier. This educational session will explore breath play techniques, methods and safety, and will conclude with a question and answer session and hands-on play. 385-A 8th St., 7:30-9:30pm.

Leather and Naked Buddies @ Blow Buddies

A men's leather, gear and naked night. $15 with membership, 933 Harrison St., 8pm-2:30am.

Thu 21

ACLC Education Night @ BAYC/OurSpace

The basics of breath work and bodywork will be covered such as the essentials of Tantric breathing technique to enhance somatic awareness and enjoyment during many different types of BDSM play. 22245 Main St., 7:30-8:30pm.

Fe-Be's @ 424 Haight Street

Mr. Drummer '79 presents the tribute to the famous leather bar on Folsom that inaugurated the 'Miracle Mile,' featuring Jackie House (Honey Soundsystem) and Matthew Paul (Mr. Drummer). 424 Haight St., 9pm-2am.

Fri 22

Folsom Sunset Cruise @ Pier 40

Brian Kent Productions and Chris Hastings team up for a unique San Francisco experience, this time in leather. Board a one-of-a-kind passenger ferry with an open-air top deck for a scenic journey with celebrants from around the world. Pier 40, 6-10pm, $65-$100.

Leather Studio Portraits @ 1229 Folsom Street

Duo exhibition by photographers Mark I Chester and Alex Ray. Images explore leather, race and sex. Also open Sunday, Sept. 24, from 11am-6pm during the Folsom St. Fair. Photo studio will be set up with both Mark's and Alex's lights. 15-minute pre-arranged/pre-paid sessions for $40. Minimum of 3 photos. Additional images $15. 7-10pm. Free but donations accepted.

Exiles 20th Anniversary @ Center for Sex and Culture

Sponsored in part by the Society of Janus and the SF Bay Area Leather Alliance, the Exiles presents their third annual all-genders party that kicks off Folsom Street Fair weekend; also the Exiles' 20th anniversary. 1349 Mission St., free for members, suggested donation of $5-20 for non-members. No one is turned away for lack of funds. 7:30-10:15pm.

Leather Buddies @ Blow Buddies

A men's water leather and gear night. $15 with membership, 933 Harrison St., 8pm-4am.

Recon San Francisco @ DNA Lounge

The official Friday night gear and fetish dance party of the Folsom Street Fair weekend. 375 11th St., 9pm-3am. $20 in advance, $25 at the door. 21+, photo ID required.

Sat 23

BLUF/Hot Boots Bootmen's Brunch @ Firewood Cafe

SF Bay Area Bootmen and Folsom Fair visitors, mark your calendars. 4248 18th St., 12pm.

ONYX x FLSM @ Powerhouse

The official ONYX party of Folsom Street Fair weekend for kinky men of color and their admirers. Strap into your leather, slick into that rubber, and gear up for a hot night with the men of ONYX. 1347 Folsom St., 5-9pm.

Men's BDSM Play Party @ SF Catalyst

The 15 Association hosts monthly play parties for men. This Leather Week play party is one of the biggest of the year. Party sells out every year. Buy your ticket early. If you have not attended one of our parties in the past, click the "Request Invite" button on the web site. All male-identified people who are interested in BDSM and are 18 or older are welcome. 6pm-12am.

Golden Shower Buddies @ Blow Buddies

A men's water sports night. $15 with membership, 933 Harrison St., 8pm-4am.

New Breed @ Club Six

Pound Puppy and Polyglamorous present this notorious double decker event featuring Polyglamorous upstairs and Pound Puppy downstairs. 60 6th St., 10pm-4am.

Sun 24

Mon 25

Ride Mondays @ Eros

A motorcycle rider and leathermen night at Eros, bring your helmet, AMA card, MC club card or club colors and get $3 off entry or massage. 2051 Market St.

Wed 27

Leather and Underwear Buddies @ Blow Buddies

A men's water sports and underwear night. $15 with membership, 933 Harrison St., 8pm-12am.

Fri 29

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