Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 7 / 15 February 2018

In the socializing life

On the Town

Lenny Broberg, Jason Hinson, Ron Huberman and Raymond Ronquillo, last Saturday night at a party hosted by Steven Gaynes. Photo: Steven Underhill
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Last Thursday, we joined Jack Ryder and John Newmeyer in their lovely, historic home for a fundraiser for the 15-year-old In the Life national television series, documenting and exploring many aspects of the LGBT community. Assemblyman Mark Leno, Al Baum , Mark Reisbaum, Jewelle Gomez, and many others expressed their support for this vital tool of communication and education, as Executive Director Michelle Kristel and Executive Producer Dan Hunt outlined exciting plans for the future.

Later, while wrapping up the evening at Twin Peaks in the Castro, we stumbled upon the legendary Wayne Friday , and shared several cocktails and several nuggets of gossip, to be shared with our readers judiciously. Suffice it to say, the drama in San Francisco is not limited to the theatrical stage!

Speaking of theatre, the incorrigible Joan Rivers is also in town at the Magic Theatre, test-running a workshop production of a new autobiographical show full of humor and other emotions, and sharing some intimate moments at The Empire Plush Room. We highly recommend both productions, and encourage you to support this performer who has been a friend of our community for decades. Who knows, you, too, may run into her in person while she is visiting San Francisco, and give her some new material.

The weekend took us to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, for their annual Coronation and the first meeting of the newly reorganized International Court Council. We traveled with fellow Heirs Apparent, Emperor John Carillo and Empress Remy Martin , and reunited with many old friends on the court circuit. The legendary hospitality of Canada is not exaggerated, including open bars, sumptuous buffets, gracious welcomes at The Werx and The Embassy, and individual kindnesses which cannot be enumerated. Much like weekends dedicated to the Gay Rodeo, International Leather, or gay sports groups, these trips are an opportunity to share best practices, exchange ideas, and revitalize enthusiasm. With the inspiration

Gladys Bumps, Grand Duke Brian Busta, Grand Duchess Renita Valdez, Crown Prince Jason and Crown Princess Bliss at the Ducal Court Show at the Metro. Photo: Steven Underhill
of our founder, Empress Jose Sarria , the commitment of our titular head, Queen Mother of the Americas Empress Nicole the Great of San Diego, and the leadership of our new president, Empress Panzi of New York, the International Court system is on a firm road to a strong future.

While in Canada, we also had a chance to saunter through Toronto's Fetish Street Fair, Buckle Up!, the equivalent of our Folsom Street Fair. Situated smack in the middle of the city, surrounded by sparkling high-rise towers and sprawling athletic arenas, but tucked into a charming neighborhood of LGBT bars, diverse businesses, and eclectic housing, this street fair attracted a wide range of people for a joyful day in the warm sunshine. Wherever we went, we were met with friendly conversation and admiration for San Francisco.

While away, we learned of the sad death of Emperor of Colma Stanley Boyd in Palm Springs. Look up the definition of gentleman in the dictionary, and you are bound to find a picture of this man. His gentle kindness and thoughtful wisdom will be greatly missed.

Needless to say, we were delighted to return to our little corner of the world on Sunday night. Don't miss the big event tomorrow night, August 24, at Herbst Theatre. Singer Shawn Ryan, a long-time local favorite and finalist on NBC's America's Got Talent, brings the 14-piece Kelly Park Orchestra, dancers, back-up singers, and Bruce Vilanch to San Francisco for a single night of entertainment and hilarity. Then get over to Blues in the Night at the Post Street Theatre, with Freda Payne and Maurice Hines . We'll be looking for you there!  

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